Join Us On April 24th - 26th 2020

Rise & Thrive Virtual Retreat
A Three Day Event To Restore & Renew Your Mind, Body and Soul!
now it's your time to thrive!
During this time of uncertainty, it's time to Rise & Thrive. Learn the tools and strategies for better health, clarity and confidence to create Success NOW!
I believe that how we choose to respond and navigate through challenging times, is what defines us. Our goal is to give the tools to help move forward in life regardless of the obstacles you may be facing now and in the future.
Our world stopped due to Covid-19
This doesn't mean you have to. You are reading reports, watching the news, businesses are forced to close and you're wondering how you'll make it through this time of instability.

This retreat will help you improve your mental and physical health, feel empowered, and even thrive during difficult times.
Are You Stressed, Feeling Stuck or Don't Know what to do?
Many people today are looking for answers and solutions to their problems. They are wondering how they will get through this difficult time in their lives. This is your time to Rise and show up for YOURSELF so then you can better serve your family, your community, your team, and your business, 
Before Today, did the Lack Of Time, Money, and Knowledge prevent you from...
Taking action on what you really want to accomplish in life. Now you have time to learn new skills, implement new ways to build or grow your business, and to take better care of your health so you can implement the changes needed to help you achieve your goals. 
Just a few weeks ago, I was Struggling Just like you!
When the pandemic just started to hit the USA, I found myself cancelling my SOLD OUT retreat to Greece and other events. I suddenly lost most of income overnight and I had to make many difficult choices... Then I realized that this is an opportunity to RISE UP, find solutions, and create a sacred space for us to come together. Now it's up to you to decide, if you want to stay stuck in fear or find new ways to up level your health, your mindset, your relationships, and business!
Restore, Renew & thrive
This retreat will help you gain clarity on what you should do RIGHT NOW to move forward in every area of your life!
I've invited my friends, who are incredible speakers, business owners, wellness experts, and coaches to share with you powerful tools and strategies for complete mind, body, and soulful transformations. 
Rise & Thrive
Virtual Retreat
This online retreat is designed to support, empower, and help one another. It's an opportunity for self-care and reflection. I truly believe that during difficult times, we are called to Rise by sharing our gifts and talents and lending a helping hand to our family, friends, communities, and beyond.
As I watch how the current pandemic is taking a toll on small businesses, seeing people lose their jobs, schools being closed, and a collective feeling of uncertainty and fear continuing to rise, I felt the need to do something for my community and beyond.
As a personal development and wellness expert, I want to provide you with the right tools, strategies and support to help you navigate through any challenges you may be facing.
During this Two Day Virtual Retreat you will meet some of my dear friends, who are experts in their fields, and willing to share with you incredible information. 

Our goal is to help you improve your health, reduce stress, experience healing, and get strategies to move forward in your life, relationships, business, and finances.

We are rising up together so we can show up powerfully for our friends, our families, our communities and for our country!

Retreat At 
A Glance
Rise & Thrive Two Day Virtual Retreat is a great opportunity to move your body, cultivate a positive mindset, and feed your soul. 

The retreat starts at Friday April 24th at 11 am - 3 pm. Saturday and Sunday 9 am CST  to 6 pm on both days. We will have breaks, time to journal, connect, and more.
Adri Kyser
Personal Development & Wellness Expert. Speaker, International Yoga Teacher
Founder Of Enlightened Alchemy™
Awaken Your inner Power - Yoga & Positive psychology (All level) Class
Adri will guide you through a 45- minute yoga and positive psychology class infused with powerful energy healing to help you get centered, grounded, and increase feelings of well-being. This class is open to all levels of experience and it will be an elixir for your mind, body , and soul! Get ready to get inspired, empowered and transformed. 

Bring a mat, strap or belt, and a block if you have one.
Elysia Hartzell
Healer & Founder Of Sacred Soul Alignment Modality ™
Anchoring Your Light in Chaotic Times
Anchoring Your Light in Chaotic Times
In this live healing, I will be dismantling fear and confusion, to create space to bring in more divine truth, and ultimately more light. Fear blocks us from tapping into truth….it ungrounds us and disconnects us from our higher guidance. Confusion creates mental chaos and can muddy our innate discernment 
I will be using powerful Sacred Soul Alignments and Sacred Light Technologies to help you dissolve the fear and confusion and to anchor you into your own inner knowing and your Divine Light. 
Whitedove Gannon
Business Development Mentor, Strategist, Speaker and Podcast Host 
Becoming Unstoppable
During this time, Whitedove will be sharing how to get out of your own way and become the leader of your business and life you were meant to be. Having spent 10 years helping people become better business owners, which always starts by them becoming better leaders, Whitedove will share the top three steps to get out of your own way, so you can show up and lead powerfully. You’ll come away with actionable steps and a fresh perspective on how to move forward from here. It's your time to to lead. It’s your time to become unstoppable.
Barbara Condron
Author, Speaker, Metaphysician
Dream Expert
Dream Sync – Theta Strategies for Resetting Your Master Clock
Author and Metaphysician, Barbara Condron takes us boldly into that dreamspace where ancient wisdom meets modern neuroscience. In this session, you will learn how to consciously reset your Master Clock, an internal timing mechanism that calibrates your whole system. 
DeAnna Shires
M.Ed., ACC, C-IAYT, E-RYT 500 is a Neuroscience based Life Coach and Yoga Therapist
Yoga Nidra for Your Brain -
Grow Through What You Go Through
Yoga Nidra guides one into a deeper state of awareness, allowing for deep physical relaxation, while the mind remains alert, tho contained and in a deeper state of consciousness. This offering of yoga nidra will explain how this "ancient form of neuroscience" can aid in re-wiring the brain for long term, desired change. Yoga nidra is a tool used to calm the neural pathways of the brain, unwiring the undesired beliefs and stories, so we may create more beneficial ones.
Marianne Bjelke
Business Strategy Expert and Professional Speaker
Sometimes it takes a little something extra to overcome a challenge, to save the day, or to fight the evil villains taking over Metropolis. Sometimes it takes a Superhero. and that Superhero… is YOU. In the session you will: * Learn 5 simple steps for success to meet personal and professional goals * Make a plan of action to meet your goals while living your most authentic self * Find your superpower and bring out the Superhero inside of YOU * Have fun!
 Colleen Flynn
Functional Nutritionist and the founder and owner of Nutritional Zest, LLC
The Many Voices of Hunger
Hunger runs deeper than a cellular level. 

Learn about the many voices of hunger, how to identify them and how to appease them.
Adri Kyser
Personal Development & Wellness Expert. Speaker, International Yoga Teacher
Founder Of Enlightened Alchemy™
Research has shown how powerful stories are. Stories shape personas, and by extension, the power to change beliefs, behaviors, and lives. Learn how you can change the narrative of your story, turn past painful experiences, and negative self-talk into your super power. Discover Adri's 4 step Enlightened Alchemy ™ formula to better health, unstoppable confidence, and success in life and business.
Angela Maria Saldarriaga 
Soul Realignment Practitioner, Spiritual and Life Coach, Reiki Teacher, Therapist and Circular Alchemist, Podcast Host.
During this time we will reconnect to that sacred information stored in your soul to heal in awareness and live a prosperous life through the powerful energy at the Akashic 9.0 
Crystal Langdon
Certified Financial Planner®, Investment Advisor Representative, founder of Crystal Clear Finances, Inc
Creating Financial Confidence for You!
Join Crystal Langdon as she shares her journey from financial crisis to becoming the Money Mama owning a thriving financial planning business. She will provide the insight and steps needed so You can have Financial Confidence too! www.CrystalClearFinances.com
Jonathan George
As CEO of JG Entertainment.
Bold & Sexy Unshakable Confidence
Learn the secret to Unshakable Confidence with Jonathan's 3 Step Rockstar Method to help lead your dreams and passions with impact, influence, and success.
Tera Nelson
Creator of the Unseen to Irresistible methodology & Founder of The Rise Above Summit.
Realizing the versatility of your True Value
With an unprecedented event can come unprecedented mourning or loss of identity. Tera shines light into your personal value and discusses the importance of realizing the versatility of your natural gifts. Come away with a fresh look on your current situation and excited for what lies ahead.
Erik Salzenstein
Business Coach TEDx and Keynote Speaker
CEO of ERS Coaching.   
10 Steps to Create Powerful Video & Storytelling to Grow Your Brand
During this workshop Erik will be sharing with you why storytelling is so important to stand out in your space. 

Get the 10 step checklist to showing up more confident and delivering better video on camera, and a framework for filming videos to make them better with less takes. 
Talmar Anderson
Boss Muse
CEO & Founder of Boss Actions 
Bossing Success for Your Whole Team!
Regardless of whether you work with vendors, independent contractors or employees, you must step up your game to keep people engaged, productive and caring about your business. Learn the steps you can being taking to ensure that your team is delivering the results you want. You have more CONTROL over this than you know! Join Talmar Anderson, The Boss Muse, on this jam-packed webinar for the R&T community to make sure you are doing all that YOU can to lead a successful team.
Eva Fanari
Speaker, Writer, and Advocate for Women’s Wellbeing
From an Enemy to a Friend: Healing Your Relationship with Your Body
Have you ever looked in the mirror and criticized the appearance of the person who looks back at you? If you’re older than 3, the answer is probably yes. Maybe it’s your weight that bothers you, maybe it’s your height, or maybe it’s your nose. Let’s have a conversation about your relationship with your physical body because guess what? She (or he) is your greatest supporter in this world. Are you your body’s greatest supporter?
Corine Wofford
Negotiation Expert. 3X Int’l Best Selling Co-Author and Entrepreneurial Spirit Award “Mentor” winner by NAWBO SA.
Negotiate with Success; Build Your Business, Brand and Bank Account
This interactive session provides attendees with insights from Corine’s research on how men and women negotiate differently and tips on how to increase profits and results regardless of experience level or industry type. Participants will learn the Negotiate with Success framework and specifically how to: • Manage the Negotiator’s Dilemma • Create Value for Mutual Gain • Handle the Top 3 Counterproductive Behaviors.
Marian Esanu
Speaker, Online Marketing Expert
High-End Client Acquisition Podcast Host
How to build an online client acquisition machine
Most client businesses do not know how to become omnipresent in the marketplace. This instability makes business unpredictable. In this session I teach your audience my four-step process for generating a steady stream of inbound clients. This approach consists of identifying competitors, recreating content, using online retargeting, and eventually inviting the curious crowd to beg for your products and services. ( the same framework I have used to get my own 7 figure funnel ).
Nada Nasserdeen
Founder of science-based methodology C.O.R.E. and Rise Up For You! 
TEDx Speaker
The One Skill Your Success Depends On!
Men and women around the world have expressed their frustrations and struggles as they climb the career ladder or achieve next-level results in their personal and professional lives. Through this transformational talk, Nada dives into her science-based methodology, C.O.R.E., and breaks down the four essential elements that are vital to building your success.
Cindy Miller
Certified Behavior, Motivation, and Emotional Intelligence Professional.
Speaker, Coach, and Corporate Trainer
Own it. Your Business. YOur sport. Your Life. 
What if you could have total clarity, confidence and the courage to pursue your passion, potential, and purpose?
To really Own it®?
In this session, Cindy teaches you the three steps that must be taken to Own it®. Your Business. Your Sport. Your Life.
Wilhelmina McKittrick
Life-Coach, Artist and Board-Certified Hypnotist.
Founder of the New Life Art & Wellness Center
Entering the New Paradigm of Existence
Learn how to embrace change in these times of turmoil. Her focus is helping others adjust, understand and integrate into the New Paradigm of existence. You will learn the key aspects to embrace so your transition will be smooth during these times of uncertainty and change.

Alexandria Agresta
Co-Founder of Purpose Pioneers. Speaker, Entrepreneur 
Transform into a Thought Leader & Turn Your Business into a Movement
Turbulent times are when movements are birthed. You have valuable wisdom to share with the world at a time when people need it most. Give people a reason to want to be a part of something bigger than themselves. In this talk, Alexandria Agresta, International Speaker & Speaking Coach, shares with you the secret sauce to transform from entrepreneur to thought leader and turn your business into a movement that people are inspired to be a part of.
Elena Maganto PhD.
Integrative Nutrition Coach.
Best-selling author of "Ketorranean Diet Solution".

Best Strategy to Reach Optimal Health in 2020
Microbes, antibiotics or other medications, chronic stress, a diet full of sugar and hydrogenated oils, pesticides and other environmental toxins all can cause microbial imbalance, gut inflammation, immune suppression and hormone imbalance.
In this session Dr. Maganto teaches you the correlation between gut health with your immune system and mitochondria function (your daily energy!). She will share the top steps to boost immunity, energy levels and reach optimal health.

Just Imagine
How much you will learn from these experts mentoring you in one room. Helping you succeed and thrive in life and business!
Together we will show you how to: 

Move your business...

Your health...

Your finances...

Your mindset

Forward in today’s new world. 
Now it's your time!
You're in charge. You get to decide who you want to be and what you want to achieve in life.
Now it's your time to show up for yourself and become the person you know you are meant to be. Now it's your time to create a legacy that you can be proud of. Now it's your time to Rise & Thrive!
Now it's your time!
You're in charge. You get to decide who you want to be and what you want to achieve in life. 
Now it's your time to show up for yourself and become the person you know you are meant to be. Now it's your time to create a legacy that you can be proud of. Now it's your time to Rise & Thrive!
Rise & Thrive Retreat Founder
Adri Kyser is an international wellness expert, personal development coach,  speaker, and yoga teacher. She has spent the past 15 years helping men and women like you get out their own way, utilized their unique skills, and build unstoppable confidence to succeed in life and business. 

Using her Enlightened Alchemy™ Method, Adri has helped over 4500 men and women worldwide achieve everything from reduced pain and stress to increased productivity and better health. Rather than drawing from only one modality, her extensive list of certifications (including NLP, Yoga, and Ayurveda) allow her 
to create a customized wellness experience for clients so they can thrive in all areas of their lives. 

When she’s not busy hosting retreats around the globe in exotic locations like Bali, Greece, and Peru, she’s being featured on iHeart Radio, Amazon Prime’s “The Focus”, Thrive Global, and Authority Magazine. She’s the co-author of the best selling book “Overcoming Adversity in Entrepreneurship”.

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